Quality, hand raised crested geckos, snuggly sleeping pods, and more!

Gecko Adventures!

Our cresties, and their other lizard  friends.

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Welcome to GeckoPods!  


GeckoPods is based on the east end of Long Island, N.Y.


I breed small quantities of high quality, hand raised, crested geckos. Our geckos are raised on Pangea foods and are monitored from hatching to ensure that they are healthy, and happy.

I'm a writer, photographer, and jane of all trades. A professional spoonie and animal lover, I have been keeping and breeding animals for 40 years.


The live foods I sell are bred in-house, and are raised on a diet of Pangea gecko food, fruit and vegetables, and the plants and bamboo we sell are also raised here, without pesticides or fertilizer.


My GeckoPods are felted sleeping pods, and can be used for geckos, rodents, birds and more. Geckopods are made of natural wool fiber and can be washed in warm water, and soap if you wish, and then gently shaped and let out to air dry. This will NOT damage the pods at all, and will allow you to clean up after any of your poopy beasts!